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Sociology & Anthropology

The Department of Sociology and Anthropology aims to develop a critical awareness of the relationship between the individual and the larger society in an historical context.  Courses are designed to enhance personal development by examining the major social forces that influence our lives.  By understanding the social roots of personal concerns and social issues we are better able to construct a more just society.

The program prepares students not only for graduate study in the social sciences, but also for careers in law, criminal justice, teaching, business management, social research, communications, and social action.  Courses in social class, race and gender relations, globalization and development, social conflict, crime, science and technology, mass media, family, sports, and education are rooted in both historical and contemporary research on social issues.

Learning Objects for students who major in Sociology/Anthroplogy include: 1) demonstrating the ability to apply sociological or anthropological theories and resarch strategies to contemporary social issues 2) expounding upon how the individual is shaped by society and culture and how they, in turn, are shaped by history and 3) questioning and examining popular assumptions about society and culture through the application of disciplinary methodologies.

The Women's Studies and Social Justice programs at Manhattanville are a part of the Sociology and Anthropology Department. The Department also has a history of working with the Connie Hogarth Center for Social Action and the Duchesne Center.