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Musical Theatre

The Bachelor of Arts in Music with a Concentration in Musical Theatre is offered as a combined program of the departments of Music and Dance & Theatre. The purpose of the program is to provide students with an opportunity to develop skills in all areas related to the art of musical theatre. A performance audition is required for admission. For details, contact the Music Department. A total of 130 credits is required for the degree. A grade of at least C- is required for credit towards the Music Major, except in the Senior Seminar courses, which require a minimum grade of C.
Note: Courses followed by two asterisks do not receive credit as liberal arts.

Forty-seven required Music credits as follows:

  • MUT 1040-1041: Creative Process in Music I, II
  • MUT 1031-1032: Comprehensive Musicianship I and Keyboard Harmony I
  • MUT 1033-1034: Comprehensive Musicianship II and Keyboard Harmony II
  • MUT 2021-2022: Intermediate Ear-Training I, II
  • MUH 2011-2012: Survey of Western Music I, II
  • MUH 2235: History of American Musical Theatre
  • MUH 2239-2240 Musical Theatre Junior Seminar I, II
  • MUH 3995-3996 Musical Theatre Senior Seminar I, II
  • MUA 1003-1004: Voice Class I and II**
  • MUA 2071 or 2072: Cabaret Workshop**
  • MUA 2227: Acting for Musical Theatre
  • MUA 4475A/B: Performance Project/Musical Theatre ** (4 semesters)
  • 6 semesters of Voice Instruction (6 credits)**
  • 6 semesters of Piano Instruction (3-6 credits)**
  • MUA 4494A/B: Senior Recital**

Forty-two required Dance/Theatre credits as follows:

  • DTH 1000: Creative Process in Dance/Theatre
  • DTH 1001: Acting I
  • DTH 1500: Stagecraft**
  • DTH 2530, 2535 or 2540: Scenic, Lighting or Costume Design**
  • DTH 3202/3203: Survey of Dramatic Literature I or II
  • DTH 3310-3318: Performance Seminar (one semester)
  • DTH 4010: Voice and Speech I
  • DTH ____ : 3 semesters of Modern Dance or Ballet (including at least 1 semester of each style)**
  • DTH 4121: Dance for Musical Theatre**
  • DTH ____ : 1 semester of Dance elective**
  • DTH ____: 1 Upper-Level Acting elective

Other Courses:
Liberal Arts Requirements: Since the core courses in Music and Dance/Theatre already require 89 credits, no minor is required for this concentration. However, candidates are expected to fulfill all liberal arts distribution and portfolio requirements established by the faculty for the B.A. degree. Care will have to be taken to meet the necessary distribution and 90 liberal arts credits requirements.

Senior Evaluation
All Bachelor of Arts in music candidates with a concentration in Musical Theatre must complete either DTH 3320-21: Dance Theatre Senior Project or MUH 3998: Music Senior Projects. A grade of C constitutes the minimum standard for each part of a successful senior evaluation. Musical Theatre is not offered as a minor.