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The purpose of the Bachelor of Arts in Music with a Concentration in Music Technology is to provide students with an opportunity to develop skills in all areas related to the art of using technology in music. A performance audition is required for admission. For details, contact the Music Department. A total of 130 credits is required for the degree. A grade of at least C- is required for credit towards the Music Major, except in the Senior Seminar courses, which require a minimum grade of C.

Note: Courses followed by two asterisks do not receive credit as liberal arts.2

Sixty Two required Music credits as follows:

  • MUT 1040-1041: Creative Process in Music I, II
  • MUT 1031-1032: Comprehensive Musicianship I and Keyboard Harmony I
  • MUT 1033-1034: Comprehensive Musicianship II and Keyboard Harmony II
  • MUT 2021-2022: Intermediate Ear-Training I, II
  • MUH 2011-2012: Survey of Western Music I, II
  • MUT 2041-2042: Comp. Musicianship III and Keyboard Harmony III
  • MUT 2043-2044: Comp. Musicianship IV and Keyboard Harmony IV
  • MUH 3997-4494: Music Senior Seminar & Senior Seminar or Projects
  • MUAT 1007: MIDI and Audio Production
  • MUAT 2011-3011: Audio Recording Techniques I, II
  • MUAT 2021-3021: Electronic Music Composition I, II
  • MUAT 3032: Advanced Topics in Music Technology
  • MUAT 4___: Music Technology Elective
  • One 3000 level courses in Music Theory, and
  • Nine Credits in Elective Ensembles or Applied Music courses

Additionally, the following three courses are required:

  • MAC 1075: Computers and Information Technology
  • COMM 2050: Introduction to Digital Media and TV Production
  • COMM 4025: Topics in Advanced TV and Video