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B.A. in Music Technology

The Bachelor of Arts in Music Technology provides students with an opportunity to develop skills in all areas related to the art of using technology in music. A performance audition is required for admission. For details, contact the Music Department. A total of 120 credits is required for the degree. A grade of at least C- is required for credit towards the Music Major, except in the Senior Seminar courses, which require a minimum grade of C.

Note: Courses followed by two asterisks do not receive credit as liberal arts.2

Required courses in Music Theory, History and Technology

  • MUT 1031,1033, 2041, 2043: Music Theory I, II, III, IV
  • MUT 1032, 1034, 2042, 2044: Keyboard Harmony I, II, III, IV
  • MUT 1040,1041, 2021, 3021: Ear Training I, II, III, IV
  • MUH 2011 or 2012: Survey of Western Music I or II
  • MUAT 1007 MIDI and Music
  • MUAT 2011 Audio Production
  • MUAT 2021 Computer Music
  • MUH 3997-4494: Music Senior Seminar & Senior Seminar or Projects

Two of the following four MUAT 3000 level courses:

  • MUAT 3011 Audio for Video
  • MUAT 3021 Interactive Musical Systems
  • MUAT 3030 Audio for Games
  • MUAT 3032 Advanced Topics in Music Technology

Additionally, two of the following four courses are required:

  • MAC 1003: Make Movies and Games in Alice
  • MAC 1005: Programming Worlds-Animations and Games
  • COMM 2050: Introduction to Digital Media and TV Production
  • COMM 4025: Topics in Advanced TV and Video