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B.A. in Music

One-hundred-thirty (130) total credits, including 70 credits in music courses as follows and reading proficiency in French, German, or Italian. A grade of at least C- is required for credit towards the Music Major, except in the Senior Seminar courses, which require a minimum grade of C.
Students pursuing a B.A. in Music must have a minimum of 90 liberal arts credits. Note: Courses followed by two asterisks do not receive credit as liberal arts.

Eighteen required courses as follows:

  • MUH 2011-2012: Survey of Western Music I, II
  • MUT 1040-1041: Creative Process I, II
  • MUT 1031-1032: Comprehensive Musicianship and Keyboard Harmony I
  • MUT 1033-1034: Comprehensive Musicianship and Keyboard Harmony II
  • MUT 2021-2022: Intermediate Ear-Training I, II
  • MUT 2041-2042: Comprehensive Musicianship and Keyboard Harmony III
  • MUT 2043-2044: Comprehensive Musicianship and Keyboard Harmony IV
  • MUT 3021: Advanced Ear-Training I
  • MUH 3011: Music of the 20th Century
  • MUH 3997-3998: Music Senior Seminar & Projects

Plus 15 credits in music electives including:

  • one 3000 level course in Music History
  • two 3000 level courses in Music Theory, and
  • Applied Music courses (for students using either voice, piano, or an orchestral instrument as the major performing vehicle) including:

    • 8 semesters of large ensemble (Chorus, Large Jazz Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, or Orchestra) and 2 semesters of small ensemble and:
    • 8 semesters of one-hour lessons on the primary instrument or:
    • 12 credits of music technology courses (for students using either Audio Recording or Technology as a major performing vehicle) and 6 credits of applied music performance (either lessons or ensemble) and:

All B.A. in Music students must take a minimum of 4 semesters of piano study (replaced by music department electives if piano is the major instrument). Finally, all B.A. in Music students must demonstrate reading knowledge of French, German, or Italian (Spanish may be used if major instrument is guitar).

Ensemble Requirements for B.A. and B.Mus.
The Bachelor of Arts in Music program requires participation in a large ensemble (chorus or orchestra) in each of eight semesters, plus a minimum of two semesters of participation in smaller ensembles. The Bachelor of Music degree program in Music Education requires participation in either large or small ensembles for six semesters. Each degree program also requires participation in student recitals at least twice a year.

Senior Evaluation for B.A. and B.Mus.
For all Bachelor of Arts music candidates: MUH 3997- 3998: Music Senior Seminar and Senior Projects; for Music Education candidates: supervised teaching experience and MUH 3997: Music Senior Seminar. All music candidates, with the exception of Music Management candidates, are required to present a recital on their major instrument or voice. A grade of C constitutes the minimum standard for each part of a successful senior evaluation.