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Advising Manual


Philosophy and Objectives of the Music Department:

Manhattanville’s music programs offer broad opportunities both for the music major and liberal arts student.  It is in pursuing that dual purpose, to train future professionals and to serve the aesthetic needs of the liberal arts major, that the core philosophy of the Music Department is most apparent.  We enthusiastically seek to provide a performance experience for non-majors and to encourage our majors to explore broader intellectual horizons by enrolling in a wide variety of diverse courses.

Our music curriculum allows for a strong emphasis on creativity and individual expression without sacrificing the full development of necessary skills and self-discipline.  Courses are available for all Manhattanville students in specialized areas of musical performance, music history, music theory, composition, music education, musical theatre, music management, music technology, and jazz studies.  Opportunities exist for public performances, both on and off campus, through membership in a variety of performing organizations.  It is not uncommon to find the major and non-major performing side by side.  The Music Department also offers a flexible minor in music to address the diverse interests of students wishing to pursue music as a supplementary subject area.

Manhattanville College offers several degree programs in music.  Music majors may pursue either the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Music, the Bachelor of Arts degree in music with a concentration in Music Management, Musical Theatre, Music Technology, or a Bachelor of Music degree with a major in Music Education.

Graduate students, with the proper prerequisite training, can pursue the Master of Arts in Teaching in music education.  This program requires a combination of 40 graduate credits in music, psychology and education.  Students who have already completed a master’s degree in music can take courses in the Post-masters Certification Program (see School of Education Graduate Catalogue).  Since fall 2005, we have offered a combined degree honors program with the School of Education to allow an accelerated Bachelor of Music in Music Education and a Master of Arts in Teaching degree.  The combined degree program allows students to double count 15 credits towards both degrees.  Successful completion of any graduate program results in permanent teaching certification for New York State.

For all of our degree programs, a primary objective of the Music Department is to provide the means and environment to equip our graduates to take their place in the world of music outside the campus walls.  We take very seriously our role to encourage in students the responsibility to use their individual talents in ways that will benefit and serve the community-at-large.  Ultimately, we aim to provide an environment where music study at Manhattanville College will inspire young men and women to pursue life-long learning and pleasure in music.