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MSTUD 1001.01 Introduction to Museum Studies:  Cifarelli (3 cr.)
This class introduces students to the history of museums and their role in the 21st century.  The course covers the types and definitions of museums, from traditional art museums, to interactive science and children's museums, history museums and historic sites.  This course explores the different types of museum professions, including curating, exhibition development and design, collections management, conservation, preservation, education, public programs, management, development and public relations.  The class features field trips and guest speakers from local and NYC museums. (Fall 2012)

MSTUD 2001.01 Introduction to Museum Education:   Williams (3 cr.)
This class explores museums as learning environments, and the role of Museum Educators as facilitators of family and individual learning through guided activities, tours, lectures, classes and workshops. (Fall 2011)

MSTUD 2002.01 Introduction to Non-Profit Management and Finance:  Tobin (3 cr.)
This class introduces student to a broad array of topics in the management and financing of non-profit institutions.  Topics will include strategic planning, organizational development, development/fundraising, public policy, legal/tax issues relating to collections and 501c3 status, recruitment, management and retention of a paid and volunteer workforce, the role and fiduciary responsibilities of a volunteer Board of Directors, accessibility and historic/environmental site management. (Fall 2011)

MSTUD 3001.01 Museum Studies Seminar:  Cifarelli (4cr)
Preq. Introduction to Museum Studies
This theoretical and practical course allows students to explore more deeply the issues encountered in Introduction to Museum Studies. (Spring 2012)