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ITL 1001/1002: Introductory Italian (4 cr.)
This course is designed to give the student a basic knowledge of spoken and written Italian. Concentration is on pronunciation, fundamentals of grammar, vocabulary building and a variety of selected short readings with the aim of developing the skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. The courses are complemented by language lab sessions. Prerequisite for ITL 1002: ITL 1001 or its equivalent. ITL 1001 (Fall) (Spring) ITL 1002. (Spring)

ITL 1005: Introductory Italian and Conversation (3 cr.)
Designed to provide a solid foundation in spoken and written Italian. Emphasis on fundamentals of grammar and vocabulary building. Exclusive use of the language in dialogues and drills aims at developing linguistic ability in a meaningful and useful context.

ITL 2001/2002: Intermediate Italian (3 cr.)
The aim of this course is to provide a comprehensive review of Italian grammar, and to serve as an introduction to the study of Italian literary works. Much emphasis is placed on developing fluency in speaking and accuracy in writing. Prerequisite: for ITL 2001: Introductory Italian or its equivalent; for ITL 2002: ITL 2001. (Fall) (Spring)

ITL 2009: Business Italian (3 cr.)
The course is designed for intermediate students of Italian who wish to further their linguistic knowledge in specific areas of business. Participants are encouraged to assimilate the basic professional vocabulary and expressions through targeted exercises, group work, class discussions and individual presentations. The course helps students understand professional relationships, job searches, and the socio-economical environment of Italy. Prerequisite: Intermediate Italian or permission of the instructor.

ITL 2015: Italian Conversation and Composition: Intermediate Level
(3 cr.)
Designed for students at the intermediate level, this course will provide the opportunity to expand oral and written skills. Conversation, compositions and oral reports will develop the student's use of the language in a variety of spoken and written situations. (Summer)

ITL 3001/3002: Advanced Italian (3 cr.)
This course has two aims: to continue improving students' use of spoken and written Italian, and to increase their ability to read, understand, and enjoy Italian literature. In addition to advanced grammar reviewing, the students will read and analyze selected contemporary literary works. . Prerequisite: for ITL 3001: Intermediate Italian or its equivalent, for ITL 3002: ITL 3001 or its equivalent. (Fall) (Spring)

ITL 3003: Advanced Italian Conversation (3 cr.)
This course is intended for students with a good knowledge of Italian grammar who wish to improve their fluency in the language. Emphasis is on reading and discussion of various current topics selected mostly from literary texts, films and magazine articles. Students prepare oral reports and complete short written assignments. Prerequisite: Advanced Italian or its equivalent. (Spring)

ITL 3009: Italian Fascism through Literature and Cinema (3 cr.)
This course examines how selected literary and cinematic works portray and interpret the fundamental political and cultural experience of twentieth-century Italy: the fascist regime (and the resistance to it.) Participants will study the origins of fascism, its development over the two decades of its existence, and the intellectual forces that opposed it. Themes to be analyzed include: fascism as eclipse of reason, mass consensus to the totalitarian regime, and anti- Semitism. Written and oral assignments. The course is taught in Italian. Prerequisite: Advanced Italian or permission of instructor.

ITL 3019: Literature, Film, and Society (3 cr.)
Literature and films are examined as a reflection of social reality and a source of information of cultural, social and political conditions and conflicts in 20th century Italy. Novels adapted into films will also be examined. Oral and written work assigned.

ITL 3021: Intro to Italian Literature and Culture (3cr.)
This is an introductory course aimed to offer students the opportunity to discover Italian Literature and Culture through readings and reflections upon significant texts of the Italian literary and philosophical tradition. From the underworld of Dante to the love poetry of Petrarch, from the political vision of Machiavelli to the scientific revolution of Galileo, from the modernist fragmentation of Pirandello to the postmodern creations of Calvino, the course explores genres, themes and cultural debates by analyzing texts within their socio-political context. The course will help students to expand their vocabulary and to reinforce their written and oral competences through a variety of activities such as discussions, presentations, short papers and research projects. All readings and class discussions will be in Italian. (Spring)

ITL 3022: The Construction of Italy as a Nation (3 cr.)
The course aims to introduce students to one of the major themes of Italian culture: namely, the role played by Italian intellectuals in the construction of Italy as a nation. We will read how the letterati imagined Italy as a nation before it came into existence in 1860; how the nation came to be unified; and how the experience of unification has come to represent a controversial point of reference for twentieth century Italy. Written and oral assignments. The course is taught in Italian. Prerequisite: Advanced Italian or permission of the instructor.

ITL 4495: Independent Study (3 cr.)
For majors only, with permission of the department.