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The German Studies minor requires the completion of six courses beyond the introductory level, at least four of which must come from the following German offerings:

GER 2001 – 2002: Intermediate German I + II

GER 4001 – 4002: Improving German I + II

GER 3009: Art + Politics of German Cinema

GER 4495: Independent Study

Two further courses may come from other departments, as long as they deal significantly with German culture or history, such as the following:

HIS 2023: Traditional Europe

HIS 3035: The Third Reich

HIS 3048: World War II Revisited

HOLC 3042: Literature of the Holocaust

HOLC 3036: The Holocaust and Film

Note: All course work counted toward the minor must be taken for a letter grade and must receive a grade of C- or better.