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GER 1001/1002: Introductory German (4 cr.)
This year-long course applies a four skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing) approach to the learning of German.    Prerequisite for GER 1001: none.  For GER 1002: GER 1001 or its equivalent.  (Fall) (Spring)

GER 2001/2002: Intermediate German (4 cr.)
The student's ability to speak and understand, as well as to read and write German will be developed.  Main emphasis will be on grammar review within a conversational context, combined with readings of modern literary or cultural material.  Prerequisite: for GER 2001: One year of college German, three to four years of high school German; for GER 2002: GER 2001.  (Fall) (Spring)

GER 3001: Advanced German Conversation (3 cr.)
This course is intended to solidify an advanced level of comprehension and speaking, and to utilize these skills to  communicate about socio-cultural topics.  Prerequisite: At least four semesters of college German or their equivalent.  (Fall)

GER 3009:  From WWII to Reunification: The Cinema of East and West Germany  (4 cr.)
This course looks at the films produced in the two Germanys during the 40 years of that country's separation into West (FRG) and East (GDR), analyzing them both as aesthetic vehicles and as expressions of a particular political-historical context. Films will include those of now world-famous directors such as Frank Beyer, Konrad Wolf, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Margarethe von Trotta, Werner Herzog and Wim Wenders  Films are in German with English subtitles.  Lectures and supplementary readings are in English.  (Spring)

GER 3010: The German Heritage (3 cr.)
This course is a survey of important German contributions to Western civilization from the beginning to the 20th century.  Important figures and movements in literature, philosophy, politics and the arts will be discussed.  Prerequisite: Advanced German or its equivalent.  (Fall)

GER 3012: German Culture in Context (3 cr.)
This course examines culture in the modern German-speaking world, including literature, politics and the arts.  A German cultural textbook, "Anders gedacht," will be supplemented by current articles from the German news media.  While examining German culture, students will also systematically review advanced grammar and improve their speaking and writing ability. (Fall)

GER 3060: The Rise and Fall and Rise of Germany: Edgar Reitz:Film "Heimat"  (4 cr.)
This course uses Edgar Reitz' epic 16 hour film "Heimat" [in German, with English subtitles] to investigate German socio-historical developments from the end of World War I to Germany's political and economic dominance of Europe in the 1980's.  Praised for it's emotional intensity, cinematic beauty and attention to detail, the film is an excellent vehicle for learning about the events of modern German history and their effect on individual lives.  Lectures and readings in English. (Spring)