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Manhattanville offers instruction in German at the introductory, intermediate and advanced levels.  Both introductory and intermediate German are full-year courses.  At the introductory level, however, aural skills are emphasized, whereas at the intermediate level, increased emphasis is placed on writing and reading skills.  At the advanced level, students are more systematically introduced to German culture and literature, while further refining their oral and written use of the language.  Advanced students may also qualify for independent studies in German literature.

Although a traditional major in German Language and Literature is not available, a self-designed major in German Area Studies (one undertaken in conjunction with one or more other departments, such as History, Art History and Philosophy) is possible.  To accomplish this, students must work in close consultation with the department chairperson.  They are also encouraged to spend a semester studying in a Germany-speaking country, e.g. on Manhattanville's cooperative program in Berlin.  (Cooperative study abroad programs require special application and approval; interested student should see the Study Abroad Advisor.)