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Please find below links to French language and culture resources

Resources (Free resources for learners and teachers of French) (links to on-line dictionaries, French search engines, and sites on francophone communities, including those in the New York City area) (A 10,000 link Globe-Gate supersite with links to on-line dictionaries, French search engines, and much more) Paris Pages - A wealth of information on Paris (Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the US) (French American Cultural Exchange)

Events in New York City - French Institute/Alliance Française of New York - French Consulate in New York City - NYU, Maison Française - Columbia University, Maison Française Academy of Music -- See "Actualité" -- See "Agenda New York" --French and Francophone events in New York City


Le Quid: - An almanac/encyclopedia of information

Meta Sites and Gateways

Le Quartier français du village planétaire: 

Literature and Culture of Francophone Africa and the Diaspora:

Portals of the World-France: Selected Resources:

Tennessee Bob's Famous French Links: 

WESSWEB: French Studies Web:

Digital Libraries

ABU: La Bibliothèque Universelle: ABU is a digital Library of French texts in the public domain. It includes 288 texts by 101 authors. Access:


France in America/ France en Amérique: intldl/fiahtml/

Gallica (Bibliothèque Nationale de France):

Poésie Française :



Le Monde
Le Monde diplomatique
Le Nouvel observateur 
Le Figaro

Radio France internationale