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The English Department offers both a minor in film studies and a concentration within the English major. The latter option maximizes the number of film studies courses a student can take. Besides reading the information here, all interested students should visit the English department's entry under "Majors, Minors and Programs" on the college website.

The minor in film studies requires five courses, including:

*ENG 2083 Introduction to Film Criticism

*ENG 3075 Film Theory

*Either ENG 2088 or 2089 in the History of Cinema sequence

*Two other approved electives in film studies. All five courses for the minor can be from English (and can include the second History of Cinema course), but one approved course can be from outside the department.

The major concentration within English combines the study of cinema with the study of literature, benefitting the study of both. The two are, of course, intimately connected and necessarily related because so many important films have been adapted from the great works of literature (and sometimes vice versa!). Also close reading, interpretive and writing skills develop in professionally and personally rewarding ways when studying all kinds of "texts," be they literary or cinematic.

The English major with a concentration in film studies requires 12 courses, including:

*ENG 2083 Introduction to Film Criticism

*Two 1000-level introduction to literature courses

*Either ENG 2088 History of Cinema I or ENG 2089 History of Cinema II

*One 2000-level literary traditions course

*ENG 3075 Film Theory

*Two more electives in film studies

*One 3000-level elective in literature

*One additional elective in literature (any level)

*Senior Seminar

*Senior Thesis (course and paper) in Film Studies

As with the minor, one course from outside of the department, with approval, can serve as an elective (but cannot replace a required course or serve as the senior thesis course). Electives within film studies can include a second History of Cinema course, as well as courses in film genres, national cinemas, major directors and much more. For course descriptions, visit the English department website.