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The department is currently working with Career Services to post internship opportunities directly to this site.  More soon . . .


The English Major: What Are You Going To Do With That?

Law—interpreting contracts and statutes means “reading between the lines” and winning a case often turns on persuasive writing, careful argumentation, and the judicious presentation of evidence (textual and otherwise)


Book publishing—acquisitions editing, copyediting, developmental editing, designing


Magazines & Newspapers—copyediting, writing, reporting, editing


Teaching—giving your love of literature and language to others


Literary agencies—recognizing and selling manuscripts to publishers


Radio and TV—preparing and editing news and scripts


Advertising—designing catchy phrases and other tactics of persuasive marketing


Public relations—representing a product or brand to the general public


Public affairs—representing an agency to the general public to effect social, political, or                       legislative change


Journalism—everyday reporting, reviewing, aggregating content from the web


Politics—Speechwriting and newslettering


Military, government, and industrial intelligence—interpreting images and words for high stakes; handling translations or other sensitive linguistic problems


Corporations, government, non-profits—speechwriting, editing, conducting writing                     workshops


Every Business—copywriting, editing, newslettering.