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5-Year B.A./M.A.

5-year BA/MA Program in Creative Writing

The new 5-year BA/MA is intended to be a true dual degree program that will, similar to the BA/MAT program, let qualified undergraduates earn the dual degree within 5 years. The new program proposes allowing qualified undergraduates to take 13 graduate credits by the end of their Senior year. Nine of these graduate credits will also count toward the undergraduate major as well as toward the 120 undergraduate credits required for BA degree. Students apply for this program by February of Junior year.

The MAW program is a 32-credit degree with the following requirements: 5 core courses (3 credits each); 3 electives (writing or Humanities, 3 credits each); 3 Writers' Workshops (2 credits each); Final Project (2 credits).

Please note, this represents a modification of the Accelerated Degree Program that has been approved by the APC and the State.