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Data Sources

Micro Data:

●      US Census 
●      Current Population Survey
●      International Census Data
●      Survey of Consumer Finances
●      Consumer Expenditure Survey
●      Demographic and Health Surveys
●      World Bank Living Standards Measurement Studies 

Macro Data:

●      FRED (Federal Economic Reserve Data)
●      World Bank Development Indicators (WDI)
●      International Financial Statistics (IMF)
●      Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA)
●      Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)
●      Congressional Budget Office (CBO)
●      Penn World Tables
●      Exchange Rates from Fed
●      Macro Data for Stata
●      Philadelphia Fed’s Real-Time Data Series
●      Federal Reserve Board Statistics and Historical Data
●      OECD Data
●      International Census Data
●      CIA World Factbook
●      Economic and Social Data Rankings

Trade Data:

●      Eurostat
●      The Center for International Data at the University of California - Davis
●      WTO trade policy reviews
●      WTO trade statistics
●      UN COMTRADE database

Regional Data:

●      State Coincident Indexes from the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
●      Statistical Abstract of the United States
●      Bureau of Economic Analysis