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Kaylin Kerina '15

Kaylin KerinaWhat internships and other experience have you gained while at Manhattanville College?

This is my third internship while being at Manhattanville. My first internship was with Plitzs Fashion Marketing, I was working as a public relations and advertising intern. This summer I worked as a social media marketing and web development intern at Chic City Life, and I am interning now at Insperia Media Marketing and Advertising.

With my internship right now, I have been working a lot on developing their webpage, developing their LinkedIn page, developing their social media and working with them on their YouTube channel to get all of their web content spread evenly through all of their channels. In my internship this summer, with Chic City Life, I worked on their blog. The blog was a huge chunk of what she brought in for revenue. We worked on formatting, we worked on the layout, and we worked on other platforms and other communities we can blog through. I did social media marketing as well. With Plitzs it was more of public relations, getting together press junkets, digital kits, for all of the photographers and what not.

I also blog for Chic City Life, Lucky Magazine’s online community and my blog, The Fashionable Lifestyle.

What extracurricular activities are you involved with that relate to Digital Media Production?

I am working with Professor Anthony Rudel and Professor Brian Snee to develop Knight Life Media, which is where all of the media and communications filters in to one place. We will have Touchstone (College Newspaper), we will have WMVL (College Radio Station), we will have a blog, and we will have our own BuzzFeed. It’s a place where Manhattanville students can go to and access everything. I am working on the web development, the social media and marketing, public relations, and developing the website. Pretty much everything is from scratch. It’s a large project, but its’ getting somewhere.

What are the faculty like?

Professor Clinton Ely he actually is next door neighbors to my supervisor Ronnie Ram at Insperia Media. He is one of the connections to me getting the internship with Insperia Media because it was introduced by him as well as Roberta Fisher in the Center for Career Development. And then the connection was made.

Prof. Snee is my advisor, he is wonderful, he does everything. He and Prof. Rudel have been pushing KLM, which is going to be wonderful for this school. It is going to be an app, and it is going to be a website, so you are going to have it all of the time. So hopefully, with them behind it everything will run smoothly and perfectly.  The idea that they developed is incredible, it is a large project, but it is incredible.

What advice would you give students looking to major in digital media production at Manhattanville College?

You’re coming into a brand new program. You are a pioneer, you can kind of create it and make it work for you however you need it. So work with Prof. Snee, and Prof. Ely because they are the best resources you can possibly have. You can be a part of the development process.