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Communication Studies

The Media and the Message

Students working at the MVL Radio StationMarshall McLuhan, the father of media studies, coined the famous phrase: "The medium is the message." The Department of Communication Studies at Manhattanville College promotes a similar motto: The media and the message.

The Communication Studies major and minor introduce students to the full range of the discipline, including interpersonal, intercultural, small group, public, and mass communication. Our curriculum emphasizes media studies, including media history, theory, criticism, law, ethics, and digital production.

Students who major or minor in Communication Studies are prepared not only to evolve as informed and engaged citizens in our increasingly mass-mediated society, but also to succeed in exciting professional fields such as advertising, public relations, journalism, marketing, film, television, radio, and online media production.

Poster designed by a Computer Grahics student.Our students contribute significantly to Manhattanville College's student-run campus media, and they compete effectively for off-campus internships and professional positions after graduation.

Current and recent Communication Studies students have either interned with or been hired by: ABC News, CNN America, Rolling Stone Magazine, MTV Networks, Nickelodeon Studios, The Colbert Report, Sirius XM Radio, The Creative Group, The Creators Project, and VH1.

Students who major in Communication Studies experience the best of both worlds: Manhattanville College's liberal arts education, and our department's media industry and technology-focused curriculum. As a result, our graduates emerge with a broad base of knowledge, and real marketable skills. They are uniquely prepared to begin their professional lives with expertise in the use of digital media technology, and in the creation of socially-conscious content. The media and the message.

For more information about the Department of Communication Studies, please contact: Dr. Brian J. Snee, Associate Professor & Chair, Communication Studies.