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CSS 1010: Greek and Latin Roots of English
This course will introduce students to the Greek and Latin languages, making clear their importance in the history of English, and will increase the student's English vocabulary through exposure to its Latin and Greek roots. (Fall)

CSS 1013/1014: Introduction to Latin I and II (3 cr. each)
This course emphasizes learning to read Latin.  Vocabulary, grammar, and syntax are studied in the context of readings in Latin about life in classical Rome.  Prerequisite for CSS 1013: none; for CSS 1014: CSS 1013 or its equivalent.  (Fall) (Spring)

CSS 1020: Introduction to Classical Mythology (3 cr.)
This is an introduction to the gods, myths and heroes of the Greeks and Romans. Readings from Greek and Roman literature (Hesiod, Homer, Homeric Hymns, and Ovid) and images from ancient and modern art provide the background for class discussion.  (Fall)

CSS 2021: Readings in Latin Literature I  (Intermediate) (3 cr.)
This is an author course in Latin. Latin grammar is reviewed thoroughly, followed by readings from various Roman authors, including Caesar and Catullus.  (Fall)

CSS 2022: Readings in Latin Literature II (Advanced)  (3 cr.)
This is an advanced reading course in Latin and includes a close reading of Book 1 of Vergil's Aeneid. Students become familiar with poetic devices and the historical background of the poem.  (Spring)

CSS 4495: Independent Study: Topics in Latin or Greek (3 cr.)
Studies in specific authors, periods, genres, or stylistics.  May be repeated with a change in topic.  Prerequisite: Consult the department chair.  (Fall) (Spring)