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Required Courses

Minor Requirements

· CHM 1001/1002: Principles of Chemistry I/II
· CHM 1003/1004: Principles of Chemistry Laboratory I/II
· CHM 2001/2002: Organic Chemistry I/II
· CHM 2005/2006: Organic Chemistry Laboratory I/II
Plus two courses from the following:
· CHM 2009: Physical Chemistry I
· CHM 2010: Physical Chemistry II
· CHM 2015: Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry
· CHM 2018: Environmental Chemistry
· CHM 3003: Chemical and Instrumental Analysis
· CHM 3020: Medicinal Chemistry


At least six of the required courses for the Chemistry minor must be taken at Manhattanville.  Chemistry courses required by the student's major (e.g. Biology, Biochemistry) or for the Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental or Health Science Studies minors may not be used to satisfy the requirements for a minor in Chemistry.  All courses for the Chemistry minor must be completed with a minimum grade of C-.  Note: Courses may only be repeated one time in an attempt to meet the minimum grade of C-.