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Required Courses

Major Requirements

· CHM 1001/1002: Principles of Chemistry I/II
· CHM 1003/1004: Principles of Chemistry Laboratory I/II
· CHM 2001/2002: Organic Chemistry I/II
· CHM 2005/2006: Organic Chemistry Laboratory I/II
· CHM 2009/2010: Physical Chemistry I/II
· CHM 2011: Physical Chemistry Laboratory
· CHM 2015: Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry
· CHM 2016: Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory
· CHM 3003: Chemical and Instrumental Analysis
· CHM 3004:  Chemical and Instrumental Analysis Laboratory

· One advanced Chemistry elective:
          CHM 2018: Environmental Chemistry
          CHM 3020: Medicinal Chemistry         

· Research (at least one semester): 
          CHM 4450: Research

· CHM 3998: Senior Evaluation


· MATH 1030/1032: Calculus I/II
· PHY 1001/1002: Physics I/II


Other recommended courses: Principles of Biology I/II, Biochemistry, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Statistics, Computer Programming. 

At least six of the required Chemistry core courses must be taken at Manhattanville.  The minimum grade for major credit in Chemistry is C-.  Note: Courses may only be repeated one time in an attempt to meet the minimum grade of C-.  

Honors Program
To qualify for this program, students must have a B+ average in Chemistry courses and a B+ average overall.  The final decision on admission to the Honors Program is made by the Department, ordinarily at the end of the Sophomore year.  At the end of their Junior year, students are reviewed for continuance in the program.  Successful completion earns a notation on the transcript: "Completion of Chemistry Honors Program."  As part of the program, students must:

* Register for Research (CHM 4450) in the fall of their Junior year and for the following three semesters.  After consulting with and receiving the approval of Department faculty, students select an area of study and are given a research topic by their research advisor. 
* Prepare a Senior Honors thesis, based on the research project.
* Give an oral presentation of the Honors thesis to the Department at the end of the Senior year.  The grade for Senior Evaluation is based on this presentation.

Departmental Honors
The requirements for Departmental Honors in Chemistry ordinarily are a grade of B or better in all the required Chemistry courses for the major program.  In some cases however, the final decision is made by a vote of the Chemistry faculty after a discussion of the student's record.