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Current Course Offerings

Fall 2014 

CHM 1000 Introduction to Chemistry
CHM 1001 Principles of Chemistry I
CHM 1003 Principles of Chemistry I Lab
CHM 1018 Chemistry in Everyday Life (non-major course)
CHM 2001 Organic Chemistry I
CHM 2005 Organic Chemistry I Lab
CHM 2010 Physical Chemistry II
CHM 3020 Medicinal Chemistry 
CHM 4450 Research


Spring 2015 

CHM 1000 Introduction to Chemistry
CHM 1002 Principles of Chemistry II
CHM 1004 Principles of Chemistry II Lab
CHM 1019 Forensic Chemistry
CHM 2002 Organic Chemistry II
CHM 2006 Organic Chemistry II Lab
CHM 3998 Senior Evaluation
CHM 4450 Research
CHE 3510 Physical Chemistry I (@ SUNY Purchase)
CHE 3510.01 Physical Chemistry I Lab (@ SUNY Purchase)