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Business Management

The 21st century business environment provides challenges and rewards for those who are prepared. The emphasis on the use of technology, the integration of business concepts, and environmental issues will require tomorrow’s business decision maker to be knowledgeable, to have mental flexibility, to be prepared to adjust to new paradigms and demands and to accomplish this on a national and international level. The business management major provides the core knowledge of methods, concepts and principles that will prepare a person to meet these challenges of tomorrow’s business. The understanding of the economy and the analytical tools of the economist complement this curriculum.

This program, in addition to preparing the individual for a career in business or the non-profit sector, provides an excellent background for graduate or professional study.

It is strongly recommended that students majoring in business management take at least one credit-bearing internship during the junior or senior year.

Note: Courses with the MGT code are not liberal arts. As with all non-liberal arts courses at the College, this is indicated by double asterisks after the title of the course. Students majoring in Business Management are encouraged to have a liberal arts minor or second major, and are urged to plan carefully to ensure that they will have the 90 liberal arts credits required for the B.A. degree.

Another option for students majoring in Business Management is to take our B.S. degree in Management. The major requirements for the B.S. degree are identical to those for the B.A. degree. The only difference is that students receiving the B.S. degree only have to complete 60 liberal arts credits out of the total 120 credits whereas students receiving the B.A. degree have to complete 90 liberal arts credits out of the total 120 credits.

Students wishing to double major in business management and another field may not take the B.S. degree.