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Facilities & Laboratories

The Department of Biology has laboratories for principles of biology, anatomy and physiology, microbiology, biochemistry, histotechniques, environmental ecology and a clean tissue and cell culture facility. In the Molecular Genetics laboratory, students can perform many molecular techniques including restriction analysis, polymerase chain reactions, gene sequencing, blotting, and transfection. Several laboratories are equipped with computers and cameras for digital video computer image analysis, and we have a SMART classroom for lectures, seminars and meetings. Under funding from the Alden Trust, the departmental greenhouse is currently under renovation, as is one of the older general-purpose laboratories on the ground floor of Brownson Building.

There is also an environmentally-friendly "Ecoclassroom" complete with an Ecomachine that filters water from the Holladay stream in the northeastern corner of the campus. The Ecoclassroom is constructed of all recycled and green materials and is used for teaching, research and outreach. It is situated within the Ohnell Environmental Park, our "Living Outdoor Classroom" which is used for research and teaching and various interdisciplinary endeavors, and recently includes a composting project and organic garden.

Students have the opportunity to use these laboratories and spaces for independent research as well as course-related activities.