Manhattanville Reid Castle In the Spring

Honors and Distinctions

Departmental Honors or Distinction in Art History will be granted to a graduating senior by a unanimous vote of all full-time faculty members after review of the student's Art History Honors Portfolio. The Portfolio review is voluntary, and submission of a portfolio does not automatically guarantee that honors or distinction will be awarded. Students who intend to go on for graduate study in the field of art history are urged to submit an Honors Portfolio for review. Students who choose to be considered for Honors in Art History must:

  1. Submit an Honors Portfolio no later than April 15 of the Spring semester of their senior year.
  2. Sit for an Interview with all full-time faculty members no later than April 30.

The Honors Portfolio:

  • Proof of a 3.5 or better grade point average in major classes (with no less than a B+ in Seminar for Majors and in an approved Internship);
  • Proof of successful completion of at least two semesters of study in one of the following four languages: French, Italian, German or Latin. In cases where students are enrolled in their second semester of language study during the Spring term of their senior year, proof of enrollment must be submitted. If honors are awarded, the award will be contingent upon successful completion of this second course.
  • Three research papers in the field of art history that demonstrate a student's scholarly potential, and growth as an art history student. Papers will be evaluated for:
    • Demonstrated ability to conduct independent, meaningful research;
    • Clarity and originality of thesis and conclusions;
    • Elegance of writing;
    • Clarity, consistency, and logic of methodological approach;
    • Sophisticated integration of visual material into arguments.

Students will be notified if Honors or Distinction will be awarded no later than the first week of May.

Departmental Awards may be awarded to a graduating senior by a unanimous vote of all full-time faculty members.

The Arthur M. Berger Award for Excellence in Art History: Arthur Berger was a life-long learner who, after retiring from a successful career in business, followed his passion for art by taking courses in the Department of Art History.  Upon his passing, his family and friends endowed a fund in his memory here at Manhattanville, which supports the College’s annual Berger Lecture, the Berger Trips, and this award. The Arthur M. Berger Award for Excellence in Art History is given to a graduating senior who has achieved Honors or Distinction in Art History, and who plans to go on to graduate or professional school immediately following graduation.

The Sister Eleanor Carr Award for Service to the Department of Art History: In honor of Professor Emerita Sister Eleanor Carr, this award is given to a graduating senior who has provided outstanding service to the Department.