Manhattanville Reid Castle In the Spring

Art History

Art historians study works of art and architecture in their historical context, as both aesthetic statements and documents of culture.  Art History is an interdisciplinary field of study, dealing with the cultural, religious, political, literary, technological and economic circumstances within which works are produced.

Our program offers both majors and minors the opportunity to:

  • broaden their horizons through in-depth  study of world cultures.
  • develop sophisticated writing and research skills through writing-intensive seminars.
  • become confident and articulate public speakers.
  • work closely with experts in their respective fields in a small department that epitomizes the individualized instruction for which Manhattanville is famous.
  • explore  the many resources of the New York City art world for study, research, field trips, and work opportunities.
  • investigate  career options through internships at New York City, Westchester and Connecticut museums, historical institutions, galleries, libraries, auction houses and corporations.
  • travel  for academic credit to such destinations as Ireland, Florence, Venice and Rome.
  • enjoy field trips sponsored by the department's Arthur M. Berger Fund to New York and nearby cities like Boston and Philadelphia to see special exhibits and museum collections.
  • participate in hosting an annual lecture sponsored by the department's Arthur M. Berger Fund, featuring an eminent scholar in art history or an art-related field.
  • forge the type of long term relationships, with each other and faculty, that are best fostered at a small college like Manhattanville.