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AMS 1000: The American Dream (3 cr.)
This course introduces the methods, materials, and theoretical approaches used in the interdisciplinary study of American society and culture.  Through close reading of selected texts (novels, films, essays), the class will analyze the ideals and myths about America.  Writers studied include John Winthrop, Thomas Jefferson, Alexis de Tocqueville, Henry Adams, Margaret Fuller, Mark Twain, F.  Scott Fitzgerald, and Martin Luther King, Jr.  The films of directors such as John Ford, Frank Capra, and Francis Ford Coppola will be examined.  (Fall '07)

AMS 1050: American Voices: The Search For Identity (3 cr.)
This introductory-level course examines the quest for soul, character and personality in American writing, film, and visual art.  Individuals whose lives and works are examined include Benjamin Franklin, Walt Whitman, Ralph Ellison, Ansel Adams, Thomas Merton, Alfred Kazin, Oliver Sacks, and Dorothy Day.  Films include Citizen Kane and Zelig.  (Fall '08)

AMS 2021: American Places I: Cities On A Hill (3 cr.)
This interdisciplinary course examines the society, politics, and culture of particular American places: Salem, Massachusetts; Washington, D.C; and Los Angeles, California.  Our texts include novels, films, stories, historical works, journalism, and social commentary.  No prerequisites.  (Fall '07)

AMS 2022: American Places II: Frontier Nation (3 cr.)
This course continues the interdisciplinary study of cultural geography introduced in American Places I.  It explores literature, film, histories, and critical writing on Thomas Jefferson's Virginia; Texas; and Cyberspace.  No prerequisites.  (Spring '08)

AMS 2040: The American Hero in Text and Image (3 cr.)
This course will examine the concept of the ideal American in its various cultural representations, what these representations express about the ideological climate that produced them, and how our continuing reexamination of these images and ideals shape our understanding of our place in American society.  (Spring '09)

AMS 2080: Film in American Society
This course examines the history and cultural significance of film in American society.  (Spring '08)

AMS 3029: American Studies Seminar: The 1950s and 1960s in America (3 cr.)
An interdisciplinary study of American society and culture during two decades of revolutionary change.  Topics to be covered include the Civil Rights movement, the American experience in Vietnam, consumer culture and suburbia, women's liberation, and youth culture and rock "n" roll. 
(Fall '08)

AMS 3113: American Studies Seminar: American Assassins: Political Murder in the United States (3 cr.)
This seminar examines political murder in the United States from the assassination of President Lincoln to the Unabomber killings.  We investigate the motivations of American political killers, their justifications of their actions, governmental and corporate responses to them, and the growth of a popular "conspiracy industry."  Sources will include historical and interpretive readings, fiction, film and music.  (Fall '07)

AMS 3123: American Studies Seminar: The Mississippi: Site, Scene, Symbol (3 cr.)
This seminar will take an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the social, political, and natural history, literature, music, visual art, and architecture of the Mississippi River and its environs.  The river will be considered in all its aspects, from the physical and geographical through the social, political, and economic to the symbolic and spiritual.  (Spring '09)

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