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American Studies

American Studies at Manhattanville is the interdisciplinary study of North American Culture and Society. Both the major and minor are offered. Flexibility and an individualized approach are hallmarks of the program; students self-design much of their program of study through participating departments such as Art History, Education, English, History, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, and World Religions. Successful completion of a major or minor in American Studies requires comprehensive study of North America's social and political institutions, intellectual and religious traditions, economic systems, and cultural expression. The program's required core course sequence focuses on introducing students to major themes in American Studies through the study of American landscapes and places.

A degree in American Studies provides an excellent preparation for entry into many careers, as well as for graduate study in the humanities, social sciences or professional programs. Manhattanville American Studies graduates are pursuing careers in teaching, historic preservation, museum work, publishing, marketing, nonprofit work and broadcasting and have completed graduate programs in American Studies, History, Management, Political Science, and Law.