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African Studies

The interdisciplinary African Studies program provides students with an introduction to the complex experiences of Africa and Africans over space and time.  The primary theme is the positioning of Africans as actors of their own history rather than the subjects of other peoples' initiatives.  Of special interest is their experience in the Americas, with a focus on their diverse political institutions and structures, economic, cultural, social and religious systems, and ideologies.  The program covers Africa and the African-American, African-Caribbean, African-Latin and African-Asian diasporas.  Such broad scope enables students to develop a comprehensive and global perspective on the African experience worldwide.

Although a traditional major in African Studies is not currently available, students may self-design an African Studies major.  An International Studies major with a concentration in African Studies is also possible.  Students who choose this option must take at least the following courses:

  • AFS 2019/2020: Introduction to African Studies I and II
  • Three additional courses: one covering ancient Africa, one covering modern Africa and one covering Africans in the Diaspora