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Spring 2010


DTH 1000 Creative Process

DTH 4005 Acting for the Camera

ENG 1009 Approaches to Literature

ENG 2020 English II: Renaissance Literature

ENG 2023A English III: Neoclassical

ENG 2023B English III: Romantic

ENG 2036 English V: The Modern Age

ENG 2050 American Literature I: Puritans to the Civil War

ENG 2052 American Literature III: The 20th Century

ENG 2072 International Literature II

ENG 4020 Topics in Film Genre

MATH 3031 Advanced Calculus

POS 3081 Public Policy of Science and Technology

POS 3096 Honors Seminar II

PSY 1006 Survey of Psychological Research


AFS 3030 Modern South Africa

ARH 3052/5052 Glories of Renaissance Venice

ARH 3033 Abstract Expressionism

ARH 3042 The Nude: The Female Body in Art

BIO 1002 Principles of Biology

COMM 3046 Convergent Media/Divergent Voices

COMM 3054 Ethnography/Identity/Culture

COMM 3070 Media Ethics

COMM 3071 Minorities and the Media

COMM 3073 Queer Media Studies: Rethinking Gender, Sexuality, and Politics

DTH 2319 Junior Seminar II

DTH 2635 Intro to Dance Therapy I

DTH 3203 Survey of Dramatic Lit. II

ECO 2017 The Economics and Finance of Health Care Policy

ECO 3016 International Trade and Development

ECO 3020 Money and Banking

ECO 3035 Seminar: International Bussiness

EDU 2000 Fundamentals of Schools and Teaching

ENG 3071 Laughter: Definitions of Comedy

HIS 1018 History of the Modern Middle East

HIS 3001 California and the American West

HIS 3010 Medieval Synthesis

HIS 3035 The Third Reich

HIS 3102 Women and Gender in Latin American History

HIS 3136 Crusades and Jihad

MUH 3001 Music of the 19th Century

PSY 2040 Research Methods in Psychology

PSY 3023 Biological Bases of Mental Illness

SOC 2091 Social Science Research

SOC 3003 Classical Social Theory

SOC 3088 Images of Women in Popular US Culture