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Spring 2006

The courses listed below have been designated as Writing Intensive (W), or Writing Intensive with Research (W/R):

AMS 2040

The American Hero in Text and Image (W)

AMS 3001

California and the American West (W/R)

AMS 3041

Harlem Renaissance (W/R)

AMS 3043

Revolutionary America (W/R)

ARH 1012

History of Art II (W)

ARH 2014

American Art II (W)

ARH 2025

Survey of African Art (W)

ARH 3037

Pre-Raphaelite Art (W/R)

ARH 3063

Sexuality & Gender in Ancient Art (W/R)

ARH 3079

Michelangelo (W/R)

ASN 3010

Women in Chinese & Japanese Religions (W)

BIO 3021

Special Topics: Advanced Mammalian Physiology (W/R)

BIO 3028

Immunology (W/R)

BIO 3039

Recombinant DNA Technology (W/R)

BIO 3055

Human Biology & Evolution (W/R)

BIO 3057

Forensic Biology (W/R)

BIO 3090

Molecular Neurobiology (W/R)

BIO 3099

Research Seminar (W/R)

DTH 1000

Creative Process (W)

DTH 2319

Junior Seminar II (W/R)

DTH 2323

Performance Seminar: Viewpoints (W)

DTH 3203

Survey Of Dramatic Literature: II Modern Drama (W/R)

DTH 3317

Performance Seminar: Playback Theater (W)

ECO 3035

Seminar: International Business (Research Paper) (W/R)

EDU 2000

Fundamentals of Schools and Teaching**(W/R)

ENG 1009

Approaches to Literature (W)

ENG 2036

English V: The Modern Age (W)

ENG 2050

American Literature I: The Puritans to the Civil War (W)

ENG 2052

American Literature III: The 20th Century (W)

ENG 2080

American Film (W)

ENG 3029

History Of Cinema 2: WWII to the Present (W)

ENG 3041

Modern Love Poetry (W)

ENG 3071

Laughter: Definitions of Comedy (W/R)

ENG 4030

Topics in National And Regional Cinemas: Scandinavia (W/R)

FRN 3122

City of Light: Paris Through the Ages (W/R)

HIS 2061

Islam in World History (W/R)

HIS 3001

California and the American West (W/R)

HIS 3011

Revolutionary America (W/R)

HIS 3035

The Third Reich (W/R)

HIS 3040

Harlem Renaissance (W/R)

HIS 3056

The Roman Empire (W/R)

HIS 3122

City of Light: Paris Through the Ages (W/R)

HIS 3126

Europe and its Empires (W/R)

MUH 2012

Survey of Western Music II (W)

MUH 3001

Music of the 19th Century (W/R)

POS 3057

Law, Literature and Society: The Courts and Unpopular Causes (W/R)

PSY 3001

Research Methods in Psychology I (W/R)

PSY 3059

Child Cognitive Development (W)

SOC 2091

Social Science Research (W/R)

SOC 3003

Classical Social Theory (W)

SOC 3007

Globalization and Social Change (W/R)

SOC 3047

Law, Literature And Society: The Courts and Unpopular Causes (W/R)

SOC 3088

Images of Women in Popular American Culture (W/R)


Medical Anthropology (W/R)


Pagans (W/R)


Women in Chinese & Japanese Religions (W)


Race, Religion and Culture (W/R)