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Fall 2008

AMS 2041 Americans Abroad (W)
AMS 2066 American Voices: Identity (W/R)
ARH 3065 The Book: Celtic to Cothic
ARH 3080 Seminar for Majors (W/R)
BIO 1001 Principles of Biology (W/R)
BIO 3030 Molecular Cell Biology (W/R)
BIO 3065 Advanced Animal Behavior (W/R)
COMM 3070 Media Ethics (W/R)
CSCH 3002 Decoding DaVinci (W/R)
DTH 1000 Creative Process (W)
DTH 2030 Directing I (W/R)
DTH 2235 American Musical Theater (W/R)
DTH 2318 Junior Seminar I (W/R)
DTH 3202 Survey of Dramatic Literature I (W/R)
DTH 4003 Playing Shakespeare (W/R)
ECO 3016 International Trade and Development (W/R)
ECO 3075 Seminar: Contemporary Economic Issues (W)
ECO 3997 Senior Seminar (W/R)
EDU 2000 Fundamentals of Schools and Teaching (W/R)
ENG 1009 Approaches to Literature (W)
ENG 2023A English III-1: Neoclassical (W)
ENG 2023B English III-2: Romantic (W)
ENG 2035 English IV: Victorian Literature (W)
ENG 2050 American Literature I: Puritans to the Civil War (W)
ENG 2051 American Literature II: Realism (W)
ENG 2083 Intro to Film Criticism (W)
ENG 3050 American Poetry (W)
ENG 3108 Victorian Novels of Vocation (W)
HIS 1050 Traditional Europe (W)
HIS 2053 Modern Russia (W)
HIS 3040 Harlem Renaissance (W/R)
HIS 3006 Post-Sixties America (W/R)
HIS 3011 Revolutionary American (W/R)
HIS 3067 Topics in American Sports History (W/R)
HIS 3089 Celtic Synthesis (W/R)
MUE 5051 Resources, Materials and Literature for Teaching Instrumental and Vocal Music (W/R)
MUH 2011 Survey of Western Music (W)
MUH 2235 Musical Theater: Then and Now (W/R)
MUH 3011 Music of the 20th Century (W/R)
PSY 1006 Survey of Psychological Research (W)
PSY 3065 Biopsychology Seminary: Drug Addiction (W/R)