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Fall 2007


African-American History (W/R)

AMS/HIS 3037

Immigrant Experience in America (W/R)

ARH 3073

Issues in Contemporary Art (W/R)

ARH 3080

Seminar for Majors (W/R)

ARH 3089

Life and Times of Da Vinci (W/R)

ASN 2036

Culture and Change in Southeast Asia (W/R)

ASN 3011

Seminar on Buddhism (W/R)

BIO 3030

Molecular Cell Biology (W/R)

BIO 3056

Environmental Ecology (W/R)

DTH 1000

Creative Process (W)

DTH 2030

Directing I (W/R)

DTH 2122

History Of The 20th Century Dance (W/R)

DTH 2235

American Musical Theater (W/R)

DTH 2318

Junior Seminar I (W/R)

DTH 2635

Introduction to Dance Therapy I (W/R)

DTH 2640

Introduction to Drama Therapy I (W/R)

DTH 3202

Survey of Dramatic Literature I (W/R)

DTH 4003

Playing Shakespeare (W/R)

ECO 3016

International Trade and Development (W/R)

EDU 2000

Fundamentals of Schools and Teaching (W/R)

ENG 1009

Approaches to Literature (W)

ENG 2007

Masters of the Short Story (W)

ENG 2023A

English III-1: Neoclassical (W)

ENG 2023B

English III-2: Romantic (W)

ENG 2083

Intro to Film Criticism (W)

ENG 3050

American Poetry (W)

ENG 3075

Film Theory (W/R)

HIS 1050

Traditional Europe (W)

HIS 3031

Medieval Synthesis (W/R)

MUH 2011              

Survey of Western Music (W)

MUH 2235

Musical Theater: Then and Now (W/R)

MUH 3011

Music of the 20th Century (W/R)

PSY 1006

Survey of Psychological Research (W)

PSY 2040

Research Methods in Psychology (W/R)

PSY 3058

Qualitative Approaches in Psychology (W/R)