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Fall 2006


The courses listed below have been designated as Writing Intensive (W), or Writing Intensive with Research (W/R):

AFS 3014

African-American History (W/R)

AFS 3018

Women, The State & Politics in African History (W/R)

AMS 3014

African-American History (W/R)

AMS 3037

Immigrant Experience in America (W/R)

AMS 3080

The American Century (W/R)

AMS 3123

The Mississippi: Site, Scene, Symbol (W/R)

ARH 3057

The Glory of Renaissance Venice (W/R)

ARH 3072

Women Photographers (W/R)

ARH 3073

Issues in Contemporary Art (W/R)

ARH 3080

Seminar for Majors (W)

BIO 3030

Molecular Cell Biology (W/R)

BIO 3056

Environmental Ecology (W/R)

BIO 3058

Evolutionary Biology (W/R)

BIO 3065

Advanced Animal Behavior (W/R)

DTH 1000

Creative Process (W)

DTH 1001

Acting I (W)

DTH 2030

Directing I (W/R)

DTH 2318

Junior Seminar I (W/R)

DTH 3202

Survey of Dramatic Lit I (W/R)

ECO 3016

International Trade and Development (W/R)

ECO 3075

Seminar: Contemporary Economic Issues (W)

EDU 2000

Fundamentals of Schools and Teaching**(W/R)

ENG 1009

Approaches to Literature (W)

ENG 2007

Masters of the Short Story (W)

ENG 2023

English III: Neoclassical And Romantic (W)

ENG 2035

English IV: Victorian Literature (W)

ENG 2051

American Literature II: The Age of Realism (W)

ENG 3050

American Poetry (W)

ENG 3057

Hawthorne, Melville, Poe (W/R)

ENG 3075

Film Theory (W/R)

ENG 3108

Victorian Novels of Vocation (W)

ENG 4010

Major Film Directors (W)

HIS 1050

Traditional Europe (W)

HIS 2052

Russian History to 1917 (W)

HIS 3014

African-American History (W/R)

HIS 3031

Medieval Synthesis (W/R)

HIS 3037

Immigrant Experience in America (W/R)

HIS 3041

French Revolution and Napoleon (W/R)

HIS 3080

The American Century (W/R)

HIS 3094

International Relations Since 1945 (W/R)

HIS 3118

Women, The State & Politics in African History (W/R)

HIS 3123

The Mississippi: Site, Scene, Symbol (W/R)

IDS 3204

Castle Scholars Honors Seminar I Religion, Advocacy & Peace: The Middle East Crisis (W/R)

MUH 2011

Survey of Western Music (W)

MUH 3011

Music of the 20th Century (W/R)

PSY 3058

Qualitative Approaches to Psychology (W/R)

PSY 3001

Research Methods in Psych I (W/R)

PSY 1006

Survey of Psychological Research (W)