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Academic Writing

The Academic Writing Program at Manhattanville is committed to promoting excellence in academic writing in First-Year Writing, and to helping students continue to build their skills through Critical Research and Composition.

Every freshman enrolls in First-Year Writing FYP 1003/1004. Each section of the class provides thorough instruction in composition with the aim of enabling students to develop the writing skills necessary to meet the demands of college-level study. The course includes an intensive review of grammar, style and structure; and it examines strategies for written analysis, persuasion, and argumentation. Instruction emphasizes revising, editing, and drafting; and, in direct coordination with the First-Year Seminar, students are encouraged to recognize the connection between critical thinking and successful academic writing.

In addition to First-Year Writing, students may enroll in Critical Research and Composition ENC 2000; this course provides intensive instruction in elements of research, persuasion, and advanced composition.

The Academic Writing Program offers evening writing assistance, on a walk-in basis, at the Writing Desk in the Periodicals Room of the Manhattanville College Library.