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Graduate Library Courses

School of Education

EDU 5052: Applied Research Seminar

This research seminar will be taken early in the program in conjunction with courses that have field assignments that require application of varied research methodologies that will be useful for school districts.  In this course students will be introduced to the research process and research methodologies in the field of education.

EDU 5297: Information Literacy for Teachers

This is a one-credit course, typically offered during the Winter Intersession, that teaches students ways to effectively access information using computerized indexes, full text databases, book resources, and the Internet.  Develop skills to critically evaluate each information source and to implement search strategies to narrow the focus of research.  Upon completion of the course, continue to use the knowledge of information literacy for lifelong professional and personal pursuits.

Graduate & Professional Studies

LSMP 5010: Research Techniques, Writing and Effective Business Presentations

This module has a three-fold purpose. First, it will serve as a preparatory research for the student's Final Project.  Second, students will have the opportunity to develop methods for improving their writing skills. Third, the course will provide students with concepts, practice and coaching for effective presentations.

MSIM 5099: Final Integrative Project

To complete the requirements for the MS in International Management, each student will research an international management issue of importance to his or her work, write an essay summarizing his or her investigation, and make a multimedia presentation on what was learned. Site visits to gather information from internal and external contacts will be encouraged. The project will be conducted under the guidance of the director of the program and a faculty mentor, and the essay and oral presentation will be reviewed by a graduate committee.

OMHR 5007: Research Techniques, Report Writing and Communication Development

This is a three-credit course focusing on interpersonal and organizational communication dynamics and skills appropriate to Human Resource development.  Written and oral communications, interpersonal managerial situations, effective meeting techniques, and participative problem solving will be examined and emphasis placed on transferring these skills to real-life situations. The library portion of this course focuses on research methods and techniques necessary to prepare the final thesis.