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Special Collections

Cover Art Alger's Risen from the RanksThe Special Collections Department houses rare, unique or historically significant items within the Manhattanville College Library. The department encompasses both the Rare Book Collection and the College Archives.

The Rare Book Collection consists of non-circulating titles that span the history of publication. These include religious texts, literature, and reference books.

The College Archives collect and preserve documents related to the history of Manhattanville College.

For information on usage guidelines and access to the collection, see below. 

Special Collections Access and Permissions


Special Collections is open to Manhattanville students, faculty and staff, as well as the scholarly public, by appointment.  Researchers must adhere to guidelines for use of the collections.


Photocopies will be made by Special Collections staff.  The Special Collections Librarian reserves the right not to reproduce fragile or damaged materials. Photocopies are intended for personal scholarly use only and do not constitute permission to publish. Photocopying is $ .50 per page.

Permission to Publish

Requests to publish should be made to the Special Collections Librarian.  Please note: Manhattanville College does not hold copyright on all Special Collections materials  The user has the responsibility to contact and obtain permission from any other copyright holders and to determine that the intended use falls within current U.S. copyright law.   When Manhattanville retains copyright, the college reserves the right to refuse publication.


In addition to cost of reproduction, permission fees will be charged for commercial use of Special Collections material.   Payment of permission fee is for one time, non-exclusive use only.  Fees are not charged to Manhattanville affiliates, students writing dissertations or theses, or non-profit organizations.   Staff time for research, location of photographs, photocopying, etc. will also be charged.  Fees are subject to change without notice.

  • Use of photograph or other image for television/cable broadcast:  $75
  • Staff time:  $45 per hour.

 Guidelines for Use of Rare Book and Manuscript

  • Please call for an appointment.
  • Complete a registration form before using the collection.
  • Briefcases, coats, or umbrellas must be checked with the librarian.  Pencils, note pads and laptop computers are permitted.
  • Food or drink, including water, is not permitted.
  • Photocopying and photography of rare materials is permitted at the discretion of the librarian.
  • Use pencils, not pens, for taking notes.
  • Only three items may be requested at a time.  Collections stored in folders will be distributed three folders at a time.
  • Use book supports and weights as instructed by the librarian.
  • Avoid handling rare items as much as possible. Use cotton gloves as provided by the librarian.

For more information, please contact Lauren Ziarko.

Lauren Georger Ziarko
Archivist and Special Collections Librarian
Manhattanville College Library
2900 Purchase Street
Purchase, New York 10577
Phone: 914-323-5422
Fax: 914-694-8139