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Faculty Library Committee

The Library Committee functions as the voice of the faculty in regular meetings with the Library Administration with whom we enjoy a good working relationship.  The committee acts as an advocate for the most pressing needs of education (i.e. cutting edge materials) and scholarship, the acquisition of the new and the preservation of the old.  We assist in the development of new programs and help monitor those in place to make certain that they are being utilized sufficiently to warrant keeping them around.  We report to the faculty the news of our meetings and always welcome their input and concerns.

For the Library Committee,
Mohamed Mbodj (Past Committee Chair)

Committee Members

Joanne Ferrara 2013-2014
Mark Nowack (Chair) 2012-2015
Diane Gomez 2013-2016
Nikki Josephs (for C. Berg) 2013-2014
Kyoko Mona 2013-2016
Jeff Rosedale, Director of the Library
1 undergraduate & 1 graduate student rep