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Library Operations- Student Assistant Positions

Circulation Desk Assistant
Inter-Library Loan (ILL) Assistant
Stack Maintenance Assistant
Technical Services Assistant

Camera Operator/Video Editor Assistant
Content Manager Assistant
Overnight Library Monitor

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Library Operations - Student Assistant Positions

Circulation Desk Assistant
Students who work at the Circulation Desk will be at the frontline of library operations interacting with the greater Manhattanville College community.  Student assistants will be responsible for meeting the varied library needs of users in an efficient and professional manner. Among duties and responsibilities assistants will: charge and discharge items; assist users with online catalog, videos, microforms, and reserve items; arrange books in call number order on carts; monitor main floor, reading rooms, computers, printers and copiers; process overdue notices; provide general and library-specific information to users; perform other clerical and library tasks as assigned by Circulation Desk supervisors. 

The Circulation Desk is open daily from 8:00am - 2:00am during the Fall & Spring semesters. Interested students with flexible schedules of availability are strongly encouraged to apply.  Please note there is a greater need for assistants during the early morning, late night and weekend hours.

The ideal candidate for this position is a "people person" who can function effectively as part of a team. Consistently excellent attendance and punctuality is essential. Circulation Desk work requires superb communication skills, good customer service and people skills, and the ability to multi-task.

Inter-Library Loan (ILL) Assistant

ILL student assistants help the library perform its vital Inter-Library Loan functions, which consist of two components: lending and borrowing. The lending component requires student assistants to download information, search CastleCat (our library's catalog), retrieve material, upload information and package outgoing ILL material.  The borrowing component requires student assistants to search for and secure material for our own users from a dedicated list of lenders.  Student assistants also open and route incoming ILL borrowed materials.  ILL work requires meticulous attention to detail, clear and legible handwriting, solid organizational skills and the ability to work independently.

Stack Maintenance Assistant
Student assistants who work in Stack Maintenance will shelve books, videocassettes and DVDs, search for missing items, straighten/arrange periodicals and newspapers, and work on projects to clean/shift books in the stacks. Basic requirements of these tasks include moving heavy book carts and working in tight spaces with possible exposure to dust. Interested students will be required to learn the Library of Congress (LC) call number system for shelving. Applicants should demonstrate excellent attention to detail and the ability to work independently. Students in Stack Maintenance have the option of working evenings and weekends.

Technical Services Assistant
Technical Services assistants will be trained to work on the library's computer system, and perform such tasks as the checking in of periodicals and the editing of records in a database. Assistants typically work on projects using Microsoft Word, Excel or proprietary library software. Other tasks include the physical processing of library materials (i.e. preparing and applying labels) with limited work and exposure to library stacks. Interested applicants should be comfortable working on computers and willing to learn new skills/programs. Assistants may be exposed to dust when working with older library materials. Applicants should demonstrate excellent attention to detail, the ability to follow detailed procedures, and the ability to work independently. Students in Technical Services typically work during regular staff hours: Monday - Friday 9 am to 5 pm.

Content Manager and Administration Assistant
Assistants are responsible for aiding in the creation, maintenance and update of information for public digital display units located in the public spaces in the library and other areas throughout the campus. Other projects may be assigned, such as managing purchase orders and invoices and maintaining correspondence files.  Requires both creativity and reliability.  Computer skills required with knowledge of image formats, scanning, importing image files, and word processing highly desirable. Training provided.

Overnight Library Monitor
Overnight library monitors keep the library open 24/7 during the spring and fall semesters. First year students are not eligible for these positions.  Main responsibilities include:

  • Control access to the library building and record hourly gate count
  • Manage loans of library materials, following established procedures
  • Enforce food, drink and smoking restrictions
  • Respond to emergencies and contain disruptive behavior
  • Ensure security of Library materials and equipment
  • Present a professional image to the Manhattanville community
Consistently excellent attendance and punctuality, ability to work independently, and being a "night owl" are essential qualities for success in this position.