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Castle Scholars Honors Program Requirements

Castle Scholars Honors Program Requiments   

Program requirements consist of five components in the following categories:

  • 1 1000-level CSCH First Year Program seminar (for first year students only)
  • 2 3000-level CSCH seminars (for sophomores, juniors and seniors) 
  • 1 Independent Research Project OR Internship, both subject to approval by the Castle Scholars Honors Committee
  • An approved, credit-bearing service project, which can be fulfilled in one of three ways:
    • CSCH 4500 - fall semester Castle Scholars service course organizing Human Rights Awareness Day (1.5 credits)
    • CSCH 4501 - spring semester Castle Scholars service course organizing the Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement Fair (1.5 credits)
    • Duchesne Center 4th credit option (supplement to Fourth Credit Contract)
  • CSCH 3080 Senior Capstone (1.5 credits): Students in this class will meet regularly with a Castle Scholars faculty member to engage in program evaluation. Students will complete and share with the group the results of a research project and will also complete an Honors ePortfolio.


  • CSCH 3081 Teaching Assistantship in a Castle Scholars course or other approved course (1.5 credits): In addition to assisting a class under the mentorship of the instructor, students will meet regularly with each other and mentoring faculty for discussions of course material and will complete an Honors ePortfolio.

In addition, Castle Scholars must:

  • Earn a grade of B or better in Honors courses in order to receive Honors credit
  • Maintain cumulative grade point average of 3.6 or higher
  • Participate actively in the Castle Scholars Program by attending at least two events per semester
  • Remain in good standing in their non-academic activities
  • Complete and submit an Honors ePortfolio
  • Be positive role models for academic integrity



First Year

  • 1000-level Castle Scholars section of First Year Seminar (fall semester)

Sophomore and Junior Years

  • two 3000-level Honors Seminars (3 credits each), completed in any semester
  • CSCH 4500 or 4501
  • portfolio submitted for distinction (sophomore year) with required interview (on hold for academic year 2014-15)
  • one semester of independent work (3 credits), to take one of the following forms, as approved by the Castle Scholars Honors Program Committee:
    • independent study (in the major, minor, or another subject)
    • collaborative research with other students and/or faculty
    • internship

For students applying to or transferring into the honors program after freshman year:

  • one additional 3000-level CSCH seminar (3 credits) to replace the First Year Program Honors Seminar

Senior Year

  • Students may opt to complete either or both of the following options:
    • Senior Capstone (1.5 credits): meetings with classmates and Castle Scholars faculty to engage in program evaluation
    • Teaching Assistantship (1.5 credits): in addition to assisting a section of a Castle Scholars class under the mentorship of the instructor, students will meet regularly with classmates and a Castle Scholars faculty member to discuss the teaching assistantship
  • Portfolio submitted for honors review (on hold academic year 2014-15)
  • Total credits of program: 14.5 or 16 (depending on choices of senior year option)

 *Academic Integrity. As an Honors program, we hold our students to the highest standards of academic honesty. Academic integrity is emphasized and even taught within the context of each course. The penalty for admitted or proven dishonesty in any Castle Scholars course is failure in the course.