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RayTran thumbRay Tran

My Fulbright grant is based in the China Special Administrative Region (SAR) of Macao. Here, I am working on three different projects:

For the US Consulate, I am researching the impact of the Chinese "One Country, Two Systems" policy on the local languages and dialects of Macao and the greater Pearl River Delta region – specifically, on how the language policies affect the perception of power and status.

I am "stationed" in the Oxford-Bell Centre of English Language Training, and serve as an English Teaching Adjunct. Everyday, I am delivering English instruction to university undergraduates in a variety of departments, kindergarteners, and third graders. I also provide teacher training workshops for local primary and high school teachers, and am co-directing the regional production of Much Ado About Nothing for the annual Shakespeare Festival.

My personal project builds on an NGO/Non-profit that I started with a colleague after graduation (currently being "remodeled"). We focus on delivering instruction to the underserved communities of Asia in order to enable students to develop sustainable independent learning skills. With the resources from my award, we have expanded to three other provinces in China, and will be starting our very first Chinese-American student exchange program this summer. I have been drawing from my Mville experience to develop courses and workshops that borrow western and eastern styles of storytelling to clarify communication issues between China and the United States (the courses will face their first test this summer).

The Fulbright award in this particular location has also provided me with incredible opportunities to travel – presenting my work, speaking at public-diplomacy events, hosting events, adjudicating contests, and participating in conferences and other professional development functions throughout Asia and the Pacific. Just when I thought my ride with Mville was as invigorating as it gets, I am thrown into a whole new world of adventure.

Ray Tran, class of 2010