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General Education

*Recent Updates*

  • General Education Competencies have been decoupled from Distribution requirements and Degree Audit now reflects the updated requirements! Click HERE for more details and to view new Gen Ed Competency & Distribution lists and forms.
  • The Information Literacy requirement is no longer required for students entering the College in Fall 2014 or later (2014-15 catalog). Check your WebAdvisor Degree Audit to confim your catalog year and status with this requirement.


Manhattanville is a community of learners -- our students and faculty alike. We exist for our students, seeking to help them develop themselves personally through their own intellectual growth. We do this through the close mentoring relationships between students and their faculty advisors, through the structure and fulfillment of our Manhattanville Portfolio system, through our focused academic programs (our majors, minors, and other programs), and through our curriculum for General Education.

In fashioning our General Education requirements, the faculty seeks to ensure that our students develop some core abilities, ones characteristic of students completing a liberal arts and sciences education and preparing for life in the 21st century. For students who have matriculated at the College since (or in) the Fall 2009 semester, the following General Education requirements exist.

The following competencies must be fulfilled by taking courses from approved lists:

• Critical Analysis & Reasoning – 6 credits
• Written Communication – 6 credits
• Quantitative Reasoning – 6 credits
• Scientific Reasoning – 6 credits
• Second Language – through the introductory level
• Oral Communication – 3 credits
• Technological – 3 credits
• Information Literacy – 1 credit (*Not required for students joining the College in Fall 2014 or later)

To ensure breadth of education, students are required to meet the following distribution requirements:

• Fine Arts – 6 credits
• Scientific – 3 credits
• Mathematics – 3 credits
• Humanities – 6 credits
• Social Science – 6 credits

NOTE: A minimum C- letter grade must be earned in any general education competency or distribution course to fulfill a requirement. 

* Important Message: Updated General Education Guidelines Beginning Fall 2013 *

Effective Fall 2013, a course no longer must fulfill a Gen Ed Competency in order to then fulfill a Distribution area requirement. This change applies to all current students who matriculated into the College at any time since Fall 2009. It is retroactive to any course work completed since then. Courses may now count toward Distribution even if they do not fulfill a Competency requirement! This adjustment provides increased flexibility for students as they may now use additional courses to satisfy Gen Ed Competency and Distribution. It is still beneficial for students to take courses that satisfy BOTH Competency and Distribtution areas as this will minimize the overall number of course needed to complete General Education. Please see the updated course lists below.

CHECK YOUR PROGRESS TOWARD COMPLETING YOUR GEN ED REQUIREMENTS NOW USING DEGREE AUDIT!  Visit the Degree Audit information page for instructions to access Degree Audit in WebAdvisor.


General Education Competency Information & Resources:

Master Gen Ed List by Competency

Gen Ed Worksheet for Students Entering From Fall 2009 to Spring 2014

Gen Ed Worksheet for Students Entering Fall 2014 or Later


General Education Distribution Information & Resources:

New Master Gen Ed Distribution List (Effective Fall 2013)