Faculty & Course Evaluations

It is important that every student participate in the faculty and course evaluation process at the end of each term. Manhattanville uses evaluations as a way to make decisions about which courses to offer and they provide us with information used for faculty reappointment, tenure and promotion. Please see faculty and course evaluation as your opportunity to take social responsibility and let your voice be heard!

Spring 2012 Evaluation Procedures:

  • Attention Undergraduates! Faculty Evaluations open on April 23rd. Submit your evaluations online in WebAdvisor from April 23rd to midnight on Sunday May 6th. You need to complete your faculty evaluations in order to view your Spring final grades online in WebAdvisor. 
  • School of Education: Paper evaluations will be provided in your classes.
  • Graduate & Professional Studies: Paper evaluations will be provided in your classes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I access the online Faculty/Course evaluations?

  1. Simply log on to WebAdvisor
  2. Go to the WebAdvisor Student Menu
  3. Under Academic Profile, click on “Submit Faculty Evaluations”
  4. Select the current term in progress from the TERM dropdown
  5. Choose a course to evaluate from your course list
  6. Complete the Faculty/Course Evaluation
  7. When you are finished, click “Submit.”
  8. Return to your course list and complete evaluations for the rest of your courses.

What term should I choose?

  • Students who are in regular full-time undergraduate or graduate programs will choose the term that is in progress and about to end.  Others will choose a term based on the term for which they are currently registered such as a BS or MS program.

Who should complete online Faculty/Course evaluations?

  • All undergraduate students currently registered for classes. Graduate students will utilize a paper evaluation form.

Why should I submit evaluations for my professors?

  • First and foremost, your feedback helps your professors improve their courses and their teaching.  At Manhattanville College, teaching is what we are all about, so professors really want to make changes that help students learn
  • In addition, College-wide committees that evaluate faculty for reappointment, tenure and promotion look carefully at the evaluations to be sure that faculty are doing a good job.

Are my evaluations anonymous?

  • Yes. The Faculty/Course evaluations have been coded in such a manner that they are completely anonymous to WebAdvisor users.   Once you click “submit” we cannot trace back your answers to your individual account.

How long will the evaluations be available online for completion?

  • Watch for announcements in your email. In the regular Fall and Spring terms, the WebAdvisor online evaluation forms will be available for 2 weeks ending at 11:59pm on the Sunday before final exam week.  For summer terms and shorter BA and MA terms, evaluations will close 5 (five) days before the last day of the term.

What if I can’t complete all my evaluations at one sitting?

  • The computer will save your answers if you log out without clicking “submit”.  Come back later and complete them – but you must submit your evaluations before the closing deadline(s) described above or your information will be lost.

What information will faculty be able to see from the evaluations?

  • Faculty will be able to generate a report that will show the anonymous individual comments entered by students. The report will also provide summary information combining all evaluations that were entered for the course and the faculty member.

Will completing online Faculty/Course evaluations affect my grade?

  • Absolutely not! Grades will not be affected because the evaluations are anonymous and faculty will not have access to the evaluation results until all grades have been submitted.