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We went to Google and joined the company's tour on 16th April, 2014.There were many unique places. The public spaces and corridors were decorated like those of NYC. Some kind of computers from different ages were shown. I used to edit medical theses. My medical magazine was named the Japanese Circulation Journal. At that time, I didn't have internet and windows. I used both IBM style's software and Apple style's software and I joined any kind of computer-servers. If I worked the same jobs today, I would enjoy it more than before.

Also, there were micro-kitchenes and good cafes. Some staff rode scooters.

They looked pretty cool. Do you want to work there?


By Fusako Kotake, Spring 2014 ELI Student from Japan


On April 16th of 2014, our Wednesday trip was going to the Google office. When we knew that we had this opportunity to visit this company, we were so excited because the Google office is elected the most wanted for work by Forbes and Business magazine. When we got to the Google entrance, we waited a little for our guide. At beginning, he guided us to show their game room which had billiards, table tennis and video games, and this room lets Googlers take a rest from the work. And then, he also showed us the mini-kitchen and cafeteria. "Awesome" is the first word coming up in my mind when I see their dining area, and he also let us take some drinks and snacks to eat. Besides, it surprised us that they have an area where you can play with LEGO, and their decorations were all made by LEGO. It's very cute! And I think Google provides this amazing place for their staff because they want to inspire more creative ideas as well as letting them work comfortably. However, because of the time, we had to go back to school. I think it's not only a great trip but also a good experience!



By Yi-Huei Dai, Spring 2014 ELI Student from Taiwan