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Midnight Run


On Tuesday night February 25 we went to the Midnight Run of Manhattanville College. This activity consists of going to New York City to help the homeless. At 8pm we went to the meeting point to make the sandwiches for them, take the clothes and put it all on the bus. All of us got onto the bus and it started running. When we arrived to the city, we made our first stop where we went out of the bus and waited for the homeless. When they started coming, we gave them the food, water, juice and all that stuff. Because that night the city was very cold and windy, there were not many homeless coming, so we got onto the bus again and went to another stop. The second stop was better, a lot of homeless came to us and we had the opportunity to talk a little with them. When everything was over and all of them were gone, we got onto the bus again to go back to the campus. It was a great experience! When you help somebody, you feel better. I would like to do it again.

By Daniela Lopez, Spring 2014 ELI Student from Venezuela

On February 25th of 2014 our Wednesday trip was going to do community service on a program called Midnight Run. The purpose of this activity consists of going from the college to Manhattan to help homeless people. How did we help them? We helped them by giving clothes, sheets, food, hot chocolate and water. Despite the fact that the weather was really cold, we stayed there for around 4 hours. Helping those homeless was such an amazing experience, it helps me to think and value what we have and whenever we have time to help any kind of people, help them. The majority of these people don't have family who support them, so when they received these kind of gifts, they get excited and feel loved.

By Nathaniel Herasme, Spring 2014 ELI Student from The Dominican Republic


I could find in my community two interesting charity organizations.

One is MIRACLE HANDS: They provide basic necessities, such as groceries, clothing, beds and bedding, and school supplies to children and underprivileged families who are struggling and in need of assistance. They provide their services in three states: New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey.

This scholar year (2013-2014) they provided to 115 kids complete school supplies for the appropriate grade that they needed. They said: "One hundred and fifteen September smiles"

They don't give financial support to the families. They meet with the families and evaluate their necessities and then provide them anything that they need like food, clothes, etc. to make their life easier. Miracle Hands says: "Some families require more than others, and we do our best to help each one."

The other one is Caring For Our Children: They provide grants to non-profits serving children who are victims of crime, abuse, or abduction. They give direct support to children and families in need.

They accept as donations any kind of vehicles or boats, and offer to the donators:

• Fast 24 hour pickup response

• Immediate receipt by email

By Elizabeth Miani, Spring 2014 ELI Student from Venezuela