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Craft for a Cause


I love our Wednesday trips because they bring us the opportunity to spend time and get to know our classmates better while we are enjoying the time and having fun.

Last Wednesday, on February 19th ,we didn't have to leave the school because we met in the Duchesne Center on campus to participate in Craft for a Cause.

Actually, we were making blankets for the homeless. Some students were confused because it was their first time while others had already known how to do it. However, we were working all together and helping each other.

We had a lot of fun and at the end, most of us had the idea of making a blanket.

It was a beautiful experience, and we had a good time and we have learned something new. I can't wait for our next trip.



By Montserrat Mba Ela, Spring 2014 ELI Student from Equatorial Guinea