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This past Wednesday, February 12, we took a trip to the Westchester Skating Academy. Everyone put on their skates and then we entered the ice rink. Some people were skating for the first time because in their countries the ice skate is not common, many people fell but they got up again, and others seemed like they were professionals. We had a lot of fun.


Finally, we took off our skates and admired the ice rink for professionals while we waited for the bus. It was a really fun trip.


By Isabella Brascetta Guerra, Spring 2014 ELI Student from Venezuela

Last week we went to the skating rink. After lunch, we took the school bus to go to the ice-skating rink. The skating rink has two areas, one for people who are more specialized, and the other is that we can play on. The place just finished brushing the ice when we got there, so the ground was very smooth. Some of us could skate, and some people could not. So people who could skating helped people who could not skate. During the whole process we were very happy, when we were tired, we just took a break on the side, and then continued to skate. Everyone slipped one or two times, but would also stand up to continue. We were all very happy.

By Huitong Wu, Spring 2014 ELI Student from China