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Materials Recovery Facility


We went to the Westchester Recycling Center on January 29th. It took 25 minutes from the college by car. At first we were explained to about recycling. There were many artistic works which were made by pet bottle caps on the wall. Many plastic bottles were gathered by a machine. Many boxes separated aluminum cans and stainless steel cans, and after, they were crushed and piled up. Plastic bags were collected in the air. Each year, Americans throw away more than 100 billion plastic bags. We should recycle them or reduce waste.

By Makiyo Sugawara, Spring 2014 ELI Student from Japan

All of the full time students in the ELI went to the Westchester County Materials Recovery Facility on January 29th to learn about the process of recycling. We saw a lot of papers, cans, and plastic. They separate them and they sell them to recycle again.



This is the process of separating recyclables.


All of it is plastics .. It looks like a mountain.


They used some CDs to make a table..


All of it is cans..



This is paper.

By Laong Cayom, Spring 2014 ELI Student from Thailand