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Fun Fuzion



Last Wednesday, we went to FunFuzion, which is an indoor amusement park. We could enjoy many different kinds of games such as shooting, driving, and DDR games for an hour. DDR games especially reminded me of the past, when I played it when I was around 10 years old. Some of the ELI students and teachers also enjoyed the simulation game like a mini roller coaster. After getting in the machine, they looked surprised and thrilled. For another hour, we could choose one game among billiards, laser tag, and mini golf. Some of us played laser tag. We wore a unique vest which has some neon lights, and shot the other team with a laser gun. We should run to spot them and gain lots of points. It was fun, and I felt like I was young again with those memorable game machines.

By Yeongseon Ko, Fall 2013 ELI Student from Korea


We went to play games at Funfuzion in New Rochelle. I was very happy because I felt like I was 8 or 9 years old. We played a lot of games. It was very fun. At the end, we played laser tag. My team won because the other team shot each other.

By Laong Cayom, Fall 2013 Student from Thailand