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Pumpkin Carving




On Wednesday, October 30, the class met in room 7 to carve some pumpkins for Halloween. By the time everyone had their pumpkin, Margie and Carly, our teachers, gave us some tools to start doing what we wanted with them. Almost everyone did this activity with gloves because what the pumpkin had inside was a little unpleasant. First we cut a circle on top of it, second we scraped out all the pumpkin seeds that it had inside, and then everyone carved the way that they wanted for his pumpkin. It was very funny because when we were scraping the pumpkin inside, we needed to do it with strength, so the seed pieces came flying out and they were falling onto others. After that, we had the inside ready, and all of us carved the pumpkins in many different ways, some made letters, scary figures, and hearts, among other things. When they were ready, we lit a candle and then put it inside each pumpkin and then covered it with the circle that we had cut at first. We already had it all finished so we put all our pumpkins on the table, turned off the lights of the classroom and we took some pictures. Many of us had not done this activity before. I loved this experience, it was very entertaining, fun and a little disgusting!

By Daniela Lopez, Fall 2013 ELI Student from Venezuela


I've dreamt about celebrating Halloween since last year and we don't really have a similar festival in my country. The ELI decided to teach us how to carve Jack O'lanterns, a traditional decoration for Halloween. This was so much fun! We used tools that looked like little saws. It's a little bit hard to control at first, but anyway, we overcame it. After we put candles inside them and turned off the lights, I finally realized how amazing our lanterns are! The bright orange color lit up the whole room and made it such a dream-like world. They are like the pumpkin house towns in fairy tales! All in all, it was a wonderful experience and perfect beginning of my first Halloween in U.S.

By Rhea Wang, Fall 2013 ELI Student from China