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The Legend of Sleepy Hollow



This Wednesday we had an amazing trip to Sleepy Hollow to see the house of Washington Irving. When we arrived there, we saw this beautiful and open property right next to the Hudson River.

The woman who gave us the tour was dressed up like people were in the 19th century and it all brought us back in time. She showed us Irving's house and told us a little about his life. It was nice to see how the first famous American writer lived.


Although he is known by his two most famous books, "The legend of Sleepy Hollow" and "Rip Van Winkle", he also wrote many other kinds of books. Having a lawyer degree, he moved to Europe to help some family business and, after ruining it, decided to live in England. While he was there, he started writing his books. He always sent them to his brother here in NY to publish them. At the same time, he published them in England.

Once he was back in America, he decided to move to Westchester instead of going back to Manhattan, where he grew up. After buying the property, he tried to maintain it as naturally as he could. Since he never got married, he brought his sister and her daughter to live with him. Sometime after that, when his brother was having financial problems he helped him too. He invited his brother and his daughters to come live with him. He was a beloved man while he lived and even more beloved after his death at age 76.

By Camila Almeida, Fall 2013 Student from Brazil


I went to visit the house of Washington Irving. I was very surprised when I saw the house for the first time. I think about how Washington Irving designed his house. It is a very beautiful house. This house sits near the Hudson River is surrounded by nature. The guide dressed in an original costume and some guides dressed elegantly in hoop skirts. Inside the house, I saw a lot of things. For example, I saw the ice box, irons, and the ice house. I like this house and I won't forget that one time I went to visit the house of Washington Irving.

By Laong Cayom, Fall 2013 ELI Student from Thailand